Where is the cheapest place for families to live in London?

With rents in London at an all time high, value for money has never been so important for families who are renting in London. There are plenty of things to consider when looking for a new place to live but we’ve picked out the five most important ones.

Finding a good school in London for your children

Schools are usually the top issue for families looking for somewhere to rent in London, catchment areas often change yearly due to new build properties, building renovations and increasing birth rates. On the other side schools are increasing in size and new schools are being developed, some say not as quick as the growth in pupil requirements. The best advice is get your research done early and make sure you have the contact details of the admissions office.

Open space helps all the family

Being a parent you know the importance of getting out and having space to help kids burn off their seemingly endless energy. This is also a great benefit for parents who exercise as well as a place to walk and enjoy sports. It acts as an extension (or replacement) of your garden, the family can enjoy picnics and evening family fun especially when the evenings are light.

Families group together

It’s human nature to have a stronger connection to people in a similar situation, that’s why being in an area with more families, it’s easier to make new friends (children included). This also means the area’s economic landscape, such as shops and outlets are more focused to them. This can also mean the potential for more small areas with play equipment and family focused pubs are more likely.

Secondary considerations that are worth mentioning

Obviously you still have to include the practical elements such as distance from work, distance to family and price, you might want a flat in a more centrally located or a small house further.

Our findings

So here are our finds for the cheapest areas for families to live in London, please note we have taken into some consideration all of the above to varying degrees to give some variation. If you want you find the best area of London for individual requirements.


Largely containing suburban developments with lots of semi-detached houses, a typical city commuter area. Close to town for work, but also close to open countryside to escape with the family for some fun. Amenities are typical of a high street so the basics are covered, the Piccadilly Line isn't too far away either, and you've got the tube (High Barnet) and overground (New Barnet) so there are a few good transport links. View more details in our Walworth area profile


Steeped in history and old buildings including a Church believed to to built in the Norman period, it has a good number of primary schools and has Ruislip Lido which is a Victorian reservoir with an artificial sand beach, surrounded by woodlands. Overall it has all the family needs but there is a slightly higher price tag with this one. View more details in our Walworth area profile


Bombed heavily in the second world war but has been building up ever since with regeneration plans and new buildings popping up all the time. It has a lively centre with lots of things going on arts, music concerts at Fairfield Halls and adequate shopping. There are small parks near the centre and woodlands dotted around the area which are great to take the kids for a walk in. The transport links are very good and it hosts London’s only tram system. View more details in our Walworth area profile


Situated in the North East of London, Redbridge contains a large amount of libraries and also has good museums and theatres. There are good amount of open spaces and transport links are on average for the distance outside of the centre. This is a typical suburbia area and most of the properties are lived in by their owners. View more details in our Walworth area profile


This is another typical family community area, it has a lower population density than other areas this is probably due to the large amount of parks and a 5 mile stretch along the river Thames. There are good shops but there are parts which are poorer than most other areas of London, this may be on the change as families look for cheaper places to live in London.

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