The Best Places to Rent in South East London

By 05 Feb 2013

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The official South East London League Table    
South East London is a beautiful and often overlooked part of the city. There are some absolute gems there. So if you're looking for a new place, check out New Cross, Walworth, West Norwood, Lewisham or Peckham.

Earlier this year we profiled the up-and-coming areas of London in our post London Areas to Look Out for in 2013. One of the areas featured was Peckham and since then we've been asked a number of times for advice on where the other great places to live in South East London are. This green and beautiful part of the city is often overlooked so we decided to explore it further and figure out how the different parts of South East London stack up.

So true to form, we've measured, weighed and considered the candidates and come up with a league table. The winners we're: But how did we come to this decision? Well we measured each area according to:
  • Choice of shops
  • Number of bars and pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • School rankings
  • Council Tax levels
  • Rent levels
  • Travel time to central London
The last two had double the weight in the final score because we think that they are the most important. Having said that, as you can see from the league table, the ranking is mainly derived from the number of fun things to do such as shopping, visiting pubs and bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Because these things are so important, we're soon to add them to our Discover London pages so now you can find great local treasures near you...come back next week to see the results!