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A century ago Ealing's fantastic architecture and position between city and country lead it to gain the title of'╦ťQueen of the Suburbs'. However after the Second World War it became a bit of a run-down bed-sit area. Now however it's undergoing something of a renaissance, helped in no small way by the Crossrail station (Ealing Broadway) which will open in 2017 and connect it to the City in an impressive 16 minutes. On top of that the area has brilliant state schools, loads of parks and a good supply of high quality family houses.

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Key statistics for
Ealing W5

Rentonomy Ratings1
Shopping & Leisure:
£ £ £ £ £
People Profile1
Largest Age Group:
Largest non-UK nationalities:
Urban Cool
20 - 29 years old
Republic of Ireland, India, Poland
Rentonomy ratings are based on actual data

What areas are there in Ealing?

Ealing contains the following neighbourhoods defined by Rentonomy:

  • Hanger Lane (W5 1)
  • Ealing Broadway (W5 2)
  • Ealing Common (W5 3)
  • South Ealing (W5 4)
  • Warwick Road (W5 5)
Note: most expensive / cheapest postcodes based on weekly rental values for a 2 bed property

Transport in Ealing

Stations Lines Nearest Central Terminus1
Ealing Broadway
Embankment (37 min)
Ealing Broadway
First Great Western
Paddington (10 min)
North Ealing
Leicester Square (29 min)
Ealing Common
Leicester Square (27 min)
West Acton
Oxford Circus (23 min)
Park Royal
Leicester Square (31 min)
Hanger Lane
Oxford Circus (24 min)
West Ealing
First Great Western
Paddington (13 min)
South Ealing
Leicester Square (28 min)
Acton Town
Leicester Square (24 min)
Acton Main Line
First Great Western
Paddington (9 min)
Drayton Green
First Great Western
Paddington (18 min)
Leicester Square (29 min)
1Central Terminus represents one of the six most common destination stations in Central London through which all London Underground lines pass. No termini are shown for Overground Stations as mostly these don't have stops within the West End

Information on the people

Largest Age Group: 20 - 29 years old
20 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 69
60 - 74
Largest Non-UK Nationality: Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland

11% of non-UK born population


8% of non-UK born population


7% of non-UK born population

Type: Urban Cool

This area is dominated by successful city dwellers owning or renting expensive flats in trendy inner-urban locations.

Source: Experian

Places in the local area

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