You don't need to be Made in Chelsea to Rent in Chelsea

By Tim Minder 01 May 2013

Look hard enough and there are pockets of cheaper areas in and around SW3    

With Ferraris whizzing down the King’s Road, Chiwawas in Louis Vuitton bags, Jimmy Choos tip-toeing round Sloane Square, and champagne corks popping in clubs you can never get into, who doesn’t aspire to living in London’s premier borough? Okay okay, we hear you; it may be too poncy for its own good and not in the least bit hip or edgy but with its beautiful architecture, proximity to the West End, abundance of shops, bars and restaurants, there’s no denying it’s a pretty decent area to live in. And with the cringe-worthy show 'Made in Chelsea' nominated for a Bafta, it seems many of you are pretty fascinated with the place.

As with most things in life you get what you pay for, and residing in Chelsea doesn’t come cheap. Average rents are 143% above the London average and council tax is one of the highest of any London borough. But before you shed a tear that you’ll never be able to afford such an exclusive address and share a Bloody Mary with the cast of Made in Chelsea continue reading….

There are several areas on the periphery of SW3 where rents are significantly cheaper, in some places up to 50% cheaper. The areas highlighted in green on the main image above, highlight Earls Court Road (1), areas around Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green (2), the area around Worlds End (3) estate just off the Kings Road and the area on the south side of Battersea Bridge (4) as being considerably cheaper. The table below shows by just how much.

Although not prime Chelsea, and hence the reduction in price, these areas still offer much of the Chelsea lifestyle. They offer easy access to all the popular areas, great transport facilities, whether by bus or tube and the best bit…? Well, most of the cast of Made in Chelsea don’t even live in Chelsea proper, but in Parsons Green and Fulham and regularly visit Battersea park to walk their pampered pooches. So there you go…getting run over by Francis on his skateboard on your morning walk to the tube might not be as unrealistic as you once thought.

To find out more on the area visit our discover London rental information page.

The ‘Made in Chelsea’ lifestyle could be more affordable than you think. Areas like Worlds End, Earls Court Road, Fulham Broadway and the south side of Battersea Bridge are well within walking distance of the centre of SW3 at half the average rent.

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